Professional Security & Risk management Consulting since 2008

We specialise in providing Risk Management and various security-related consulting services to private sector, government and NGO actors around the world.

Our past experience extends into Afghanistan, Iraq and other countries in the Middle East. 

Security & Risk Management Consulting

Black Snake Consulting's main activity consists of providing risk management planning to our clients, mostly operating in highly volatile countries such as Iraq and Afghanistan. Subsequently we provide security operations such as Personal Security Details (PSDs), guards and other operational execution tools to implement our security plans in the respective locations.

In order to enable successful commercial operations for our clients in high-risk countries, our Risk Management consists of identifying security threats and risk causes to the operations, assessing the effectiveness of existing controls to face those threats and determining the risks' consequences. We subsequently prioritise the risks by rating their likelihood and impact, classifying the type of risk and selecting  an appropriate risk response to mitigate or remove the security threat.

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Manpower Assistance

Welcome to Black Snake Man Power. Your specialist for human resources from the Balkans for civilian and military contractors world-wide. 

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Marketing & Branding Consulting

We can also help with developing a winning marketing strategy for your business